Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc
Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc

Pointer Instrument - Nudus Blanc

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The Nudus Blanc features a translucent top cover with minimalistic detailing and a powder-coated solid aluminium base, which requires little to no maintenance.

This hand-assembled, ambidextrous computer mouse is made of replaceable components and is designed to last a lifetime. The Pointer Instrument can be easily disassembled and assembled by any user within minutes, making future maintenance and upgrades effortless.

Our Nudus Blanc is designed to fit any desktop environment, from an urban gaming setting to a corporate headquarters. This minimalistic mouse embodies the blend of design and tech, creating a perfect combination of a practical yet aesthetically-pleasing device.

• Powder-coated solid aluminium wheel and base
• Replaceable top cover
• Made for ambidextrous grip
• Tracks flawlessly
• Replaceable Omron switches
• Dual connection modes
• Battery-saving hibernation mode
• Ease of maintenance and repair
• Hand-assembled

Powder coated aluminium

124mm x 72mm x 40mm

110 gr

Bluetooth 5.0 | USB-C

1000 | 1500 | 2500 | 4000



Windows | MacOs | Linux | Android

3.7V - 850 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - Molex 51006 "Losi Connector”

Long-lasting and repairable.

Crafted with long-term use in mind, with details endlessly replaceable and with the simplicity of repairability.

The Pointer Instrument is designed with future repairs in mind; hence even after 10 or 20 years, a user will be able to repair the mouse if necessary, changing the components and even upgrading it.

Powder-coated aluminium

The powder-coated shell enhances the ability of the pure aluminium to resist corrosion and damage from the daily performance of the Pointer Instrument.⁠ Despite its lightness, powder-coated aluminium is highly-durable, withstanding heavy everyday use and allowing ease of maintenance yet preserving its pristine state.

Interchangeable top

The Pointer Instrument covers are held in position through a magnetic latch mechanism, allowing spontaneous swaps between your cover so you can easily swap them depending on your mood or your desk setting.

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Infinitely repairable

We have selected some of the best components, and even our PCB board is intricately detailed. The Pointer Instrument features solderless Japanese Omron switches, their unique plug and play properties make any potential replacement hassle-free, thus vastly extending the life span.

Long-lasting battery

Designed to last, the Umbra Noire has a built-in capacity of 850mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery with the power to last for months on a single charge.

Designed inside and out

We think of every object we create as of a piece of art, yet fully functional and technologically advanced. Every screw and every line has a purpose, no more and no less, crafted out of both functional requirements and visual aesthetics.

Podium Edge

To elevate Nudus Blanc performance, complement it with the Podium Edge Mouse Pad. The ultra-smooth surface of the Podium Edge Pad is made with powder-coated aluminium and finished with a diamond-cut edge to ensure durability and a lasting matte finish.

Podium Edge


Cable Connection

Pro-performance – direct USB-C cable connection for the finest performance. The USB-C port is convieniently located in the front spoiler of the mouse.

Bluetooth 5.0

Extended battery life – the latest Bluetooth technology compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows and Android enables extended battery life of up to a month under normal usage.