We manifest our enthusiastic philosophies through our virtuous creations and imaginative pieces. Aiming for symmetry between visionary exploratory design and the traditional object d’art, our methodological approach is destined to create aesthetic objects by dint of design.

Exceptional designs begin with the purpose of the object, which dictates foremost lines, shapes and materials. We aspire to reinvent the ordinary, bringing flair and artistry and bridging the gap between conventional products and eloquent fashion.


We are obsessed with an idea: our creations are immensely loved by owners, performing for a lifetime, but when the time comes, they will be displayed alongside other treasurable memories and earn the title of an artefact.

Our society is influenced by fast-fashion, fast-service and throw-away culture. Our life is filled with soulless, short-lived items due to their cheap cost and convenience. We almost don’t have time to pause and appreciate. As a result, it’s rare to see a product that’s well designed and aimed at longevity.

At Lunar Artefacts, we believe virtuous design should be timeless. Hence it should be designed to last. We are determined to change the false perception that new is better than old in a society where over-consumption is a current standard.


We reinvent conventional objects, giving them deserved attention. As creators, we believe our products should be designed to age and always be fixable. In a way, we create long-lasting products, giving them a chance to evolve and develop their character over time.

Every piece in our collection is developed and designed in house, meticulously hand-crafted, hand-stitched and hand-polished.

Iconic designs from the last century have always played an important role in our design journey. We admire the way objects were created and styled and how they aged with time. We want to inherit those traditional design cues and bring back some of the unique qualities that made them worth keeping. For our craft, these merits serve as a relentless reminder of the crucial essentials of exceptional design.


Our artistic philosophy is to craft unique products. Hence every object in our studio is designed with complete creative freedom, allowing us to bring our vision to life. Outsourcing most preeminent suppliers around the globe, we strive to create only supreme-quality products.

At Lunar Artefacts studio, we treat each product as a bespoke architectural project, meticulously crafted inside and out, with our hands, minds and souls. We think of every object we create as a collectable piece of art, yet fully functional and technologically advanced.

We believe all design industries should perform under the same roof and learn from each other. Therefore in our products, we are applying lavish tactile feeling and quirky style to bridge the gap between the world of technology and fashion.

"Experimental, with a dash of heritage."


Complete devotion to our craft is not tolerating mediocre quality. We are always in search, travelling around the globe, handpicking only the finest materials to produce from and selecting only master-craftsman to make our designs come true.

The value and character of our product are developed through our slow, organic design process and our intimate involvement in manufacturing. Ideas have the time they need to grow fully and percolate every aspect of the product; the use of materials is carefully considered, and every detail is curated with intent. We believe this brings alive a different product, with a sense of care and genuineness. Every object we create has a story behind its invention, and every detail has a purpose in existence.


Every artefact originates with the purpose of an object, which dictates foremost lines, shapes and forms, followed by classic pen and paper sketches to begin the journey.

To embody our designs into reality, illustrations are fashioned into hand-crafted 3D clay models, as we believe it’s the best way to get a sense of scale and comfort. We preferred clay for its practicality and ease of modifiability.

The following phase is to digitise and amend the realistic piece and then test it on human interactions until impeccably is attained. Thenceforth to ensure all components perform in harmony, we design, test and craft our artefacts between two worlds - digital and physical.


Lastingness, durability, high quality and sustainability are the principal elements of our design ethos. Outsourcing the finest suppliers around the globe, we intend to create objects of indisputable excellence, applying only robust and resilient materials: full-grain leather, brass and aluminium metals, and best performing electrical components.

We strive to apply only eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Our packaging is entirely sustainable, made from sugarcane paper and card stock, printed with soy ink.

Fundamentally, the choice of materials plays an imperative role in the overall performance of our creations. Premium leather and hand-polished metals slowly and naturally record the influence of an owner and mature as time passes by, gradually adding a layer of own personality.


Bestowing our equal attention to the interior and exterior designs, we questioned every decision we made towards the details and forms. As a result, every screw and every line have a purpose, no more and no less, crafted out of both functional requirements and visual aesthetics.

Our designs combine perfect symmetrical proportions, extreme sharpness and impeccable quality. Hand-assembled, our creations defy typical canons, as does their equivalently flawless elegance, shaping pleasing silhouettes from all angles.

As artisans, we believe beauty lies in little details: freshly polished metals reflecting the light, rhythm in play when masters begin to stitch the finest of the leathers, interactions between materials, the flow of lines - all this creates a perfects ensemble with all elements seamlessly intertwining, fashioning our concepts into contemporary aesthetical designs.


We redefine conventional objects with the foremost idea in our minds: replaceability of components.

Everyday items have tendencies to break, even if serving for an extended period of time. Instead of simply tossing them away, we devote our time to creating long-lasting devices, with every element, screw and mechanism being interchangeable. In cases where any details fracture, the user can easily replace the broken or worn-out part for the new one, and the gadget will continue to perform smoothly.  

We believe that by building products with a long-term life span, we are making a colossal investment into breaking an endless circle of “buying and throwing away”.

"Crucial components to an exceptional product are virtuous design, robust quality, long-lasting performance and endless repairability."

We are a small team. However, with our collective experience, we are able to understand and control the whole production cycle from beginning to end. We believe it is important to get the factories involved from the outset to achieve the consistency we want and avoid any potential post-rationalisation.

In order to maximise control over the quality and the cost, we have broken down the manufacturer and supplier chain wherever possible, so we are directly involved in every manufacturing process and decision making. We also visit factories and request samples frequently to ensure our design is thoroughly tested and refined, so the parts could be produced and assembled to match the high standard of our in-house master samples.

- Lunar -

English - /ˈluːnə/ - Adjective

From Latin lunaris and luna ‘moon’. Once attributed to "lunacy." from the latin lunaticus meaning "of the moon" or "moonstruck", meaning unable to think or act normally, especially as a result of being in love.

"Being of the moon, determined by, or resembling the moon. Alternatively, describing something that's off this world."

- Artefacts -

English - /ˈɑːtɪfakt/ - Noun

From early 19th century Latin,
arte ‘by or using art’ + factum ‘something made’
(neuter past participle of facere ‘make’)

"An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest - "gold and silver artefacts".