Timeless design contoured with magnificent leather hand-craft is an impeccable recipe to transform any conventional desktop into a splendid perfectionist’s bliss.

The Podium Mouse Pad is hand-crafted from premium, full-grain French calf. Harmonious with any desk scenery, a D-shaped mouse pad echoes the shape of the Pointer Instrument, enabling it to style every table-top with picture-perfect panache. The minimal form is designed to be modern, yet the character of the authentic leather evokes the eternal radiance of the vintage designs.

The full-grain calf layer finished with equestrian-inspired stitching ensures a seamless performance of the mouse, with its smooth and slither exterior.

The premier genuine leather infill serves as a delicate cushion, ensuring long-lasting firmness and an ultimate level of support.

Plush microfiber suede performs as an accompanying base and a slip-resistant layer to empower unremitting firmness.

The Podium Mouse Pad encompasses exceptional materials, reaching a perfect balance between support and softness. Each layer of The Podium Mouse Pad creates a floating surface for the Pointer Instrument to glide, allowing hours of restful performance.