The Pointer Instrument is designed to perform for a lifetime, to be repaired when necessary, and to develop character over time.

For many of us, a computer mouse is something that is constantly used for both work and leisure. Being one of the most prevalent devices we possess, used globally, we forget that mainstream electronics are all almost entirely plastic, are rarely repairable and designed with planned obsolescence. Pondering upon this, we unequivocally decided that it was time for a change. We have spent more than a year researching, designing, crafting and perfecting this unique mouse. The Pointer Instrument: a fusion of art, practicality and precision engineering.


The Pointer Instrument is inspired by the artistry of automotive lines, a pursuit of finding the balance between the flow, tension, organic and engineered.

Drawing visionary inspirations from the artistry of automotive lines, from the haunches of a Corvette Stingray to the intake scoops of a Lotus 72D, the Pointer Instrument, we were determined to find a perfect balance between striking design and advanced technical functions.


The Pointer Instrument was developed and revised based on test feedback from human interactions. Touching, challenging it and playing with it facilitated modifying it accordingly to achieve the necessary comfort.

The following phase was to digitise and create further variations to explore opportunities - this infinitely repetitive progression of crafting between physical and digital domains ameliorated to achieve optimal palm support.


We believe that virtuous designs are carefully crafted both inside and out; hence, both exterior and interior are beautiful.

Instead of hiding our mechanism under the hood, we are celebrating it, presenting it to the curious eye.

We made sure that it was easy to maintain, disassemble and repair the Pointer Instrument when the time comes.


Ageing is inevitable, but it is an extraordinary process, a natural course of life. Every object is affected by age, but its true character and genuine quality of it can only be revealed after some time. 

The Pointer Instrument is designed to ripen its personality and prove its’ excellence over time. Ageing is a beautiful process that allows the mouse to obtain its traits, unusual peculiarities and pictorial characteristics. A combination of leather and metal enables the Pointer Instrument to serve for a lifetime and age with style.

In contact with human skin, genuine leather develops scuffs and abrasions, which deepens the colours. Aluminium and brass empower the picturesque patina to emerge after some period. Premium leather and hand-polished metals slowly and naturally record the influence of the owner and mature as time passes by, gradually adding a layer of own personality.

Performance | Day 1
Performance | Day 720


We dared to be original. Therefore, the Pointer Instrument is topped with full-grain leather, allowing the skin to breathe. The combination of premium leather and finest metals is perfectly contrasting yet complimenting.

Our ambition was not limited to delivering the unsurpassed quality of the Pointer Instrument but to designing an enduring artefact that will develop character with time.

The lastingness of materials, durability and unsurpassed quality are the principal ingredients in our design ethos. Outsourcing most preeminent suppliers around the globe, we intend to create objects of indisputable quality.


We have searched and sampled from all over the globe and visited numerous factories to find the softest and most durable leather that meets our ageing performance and sustainability requirements. The Pointer Instrument is hand-stitched from the finest full-grain calf at a prestigious French tannery with a long heritage in sustainable leather production and supplies to some of the world’s first-class brands. Full-grain leather is well known for its perseverance and robustness, but at the same time, in contact with skin, it allows it to breathe.


The different properties of brass and aluminium presented us with the option of two weight models to meet different demands. Hand-polished, these metals are the pinnacle of permanency, finest quality and longevity. Brass and aluminium are some of those rare materials which are developing charming patina after a while. The lower shell is polished with no surplus coating or treatment, allowing a natural ageing process to emerge.


It is important to find a mouse that will support the hand in its most relaxed position, hence why the Pointer Instrument is designed to follow the natural arch of the hand, providing a perfect surface angle — instead of simply holding the mouse, a palm is comfortably resting on the surface.

The smooth leather surface presents an incredibly tactile and comfortable feeling and flows from your palm down to your fingertips. To elevate the ergonomics, we developed nylon accessory grips compatible with a variety of hand postures, providing an exceptional level of support.


Every person is unique and distinctive, with their own traits and peculiarities. What may be suitable for one may be contradictory to another. Reflecting on this, we designed special mice grips for slightly larger hands requiring more support and robustness.

Uniquely designed palm grips refine the ergonomics of the Pointer Instrument, making it an impeccable addition. Inspired by classic gaming mice, the grip brings the Pointer Instrument to a more traditional shape.


We design, aspiring for perfection. Hence we re-define conventional objects with the foremost idea in our minds: repairability.

The Pointer Instrument is scrupulously designed inside and out, with every detail and screw purposefully placed. We have selected some of the best components, and even the PCB board is intricately detailed. The Pointer Instrument uses special solderless plug and play switches that allow repairs, thus vastly extending the life span.

With every component being replaceable, the Pointer’s disassembly, repair and assembly can be performed by any user in a short time.


Our inner child loves the thrilling experience of opening a present. We aspired to apply these principles to our products. Keeping this in mind, we strive to create a perfect balance between the minimal exterior and elaborate interior to offer an element of surprise.

The packaging is generally designed to be a disposable item. While it is necessary to protect the product during transportation, we find that this is incredibly wasteful. Our packaging is made out of recyclable materials. However, we were compelled to try and embed another purpose for it, extend its life for something useful other than waste.