The Pulse Volitari is a premium multi-device wireless charging pad, crafted from solid metals and finished with the finest French leather.

The flawless desktop companion with five overlapping copper coils for easy placement and fast charging. This multi-device charger was inspired by an urge to create a practical gadget that’s designed for life, compact and sleek styling matching anywhere in the home or office: from a nightstand to a desktop.


We believe timeless design should last the test of time, hence why we create our products with the consideration for future upgrade and repairs.

Most components could wear out with time, but we should be able to repair the malfunctioning parts instead of replacing the device itself. We aspire to bring advanced design into our homes, something that breaks free from minimal cylinders and boxes, a true union of form and function.

"Effortless charging in a single refined solution."


Enhanced with full-grain French leather for a timeless finish. Instead of glueing the leather, we are scrupulously stitching it to ensure it will not peel off with time.

The highest grade leather is consciously sourced from a French tannery with a long heritage in sustainable leather production. It will age beautifully and develop a patina with time.


The brass presented us with two options of models to meet different demands. We prefer brass for both decorative and functional properties. Hand-polished to perfection, it allows the comfort of maintenance and repolishing if uncoated.

The uncoated brass shell is polished with no surplus layer or treatment, allowing a natural ageing process to emerge. While chrome-plated brass will stay ageless and preserve the long-lasting shine.