Pointer Instrument - Umbra Noire

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The Umbra Noire features a translucent top cover with minimalistic detailing and a power-coated solid aluminium base, which requires little to no maintenance.

The Umbra Noire is designed to fit any desktop environment, from an urban gaming setting to corporate headquarters. Hand-assembled and ambidextrous, it's crafted with replaceable components for lifelong durability.


Crafted with longevity in mind, the Pointer Instrument features durable aluminium construction with powder-coated, long-lasting components. After years of extensive use, the metal will gradually become visible, bearing the marks of time and use, a testament to its enduring durability. This design is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate easily replaceable components, ensuring that future upgrades can enhance its performance for years. 

Powder-coated aluminium

The powder-coated shell combined with pure aluminium provides an extra layer of strength to resist corrosion and damage from the daily performance of the Pointer Instrument. Despite its lightness, powder-coated aluminium is highly durable and able to withstand heavy everyday use.

Designed inside and out

We consider every object we create a piece of art, yet fully functional and technologically advanced. Every detail and line has a purpose, no more and no less, crafted out of both functional requirements and visual aesthetics

Long-lasting battery

Built for longevity, the Umbra Noire has a built-in capacity  of 850mAh Li-ion replaceable interchargeable battery, ensuring ample power to last for weeks on a single charge while staying future-ready.


The Pointer Instrument features solderless Japanese Omron switches, making this plug-and-play ability easily repairable and upgradeable. Our intricately designed PCB board houses some of the best components available to create a long-lasting object.


With its ergonomic balance, the Pointer Instrument was crafted to cater to the needs of both left- and right-handed users, ensuring a comfortable and precise experience. This thoughtful design approach ensures seamless control and efficiency, regardless of the dominant hand.

Replaceable top

The Pointer Instrument covers are held in position through a magnetic latch mechanism, allowing spontaneous swaps between your covers, ensuring it align with your style.

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Bluetooth 5.0

Extended battery life – the latest Bluetooth technology compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows and Android, ensuring a battery that lasts over the month under normal usage conditions.

Cable Connection

Pro-performance – achieve peak performance with a direct USB-C cable connection. The conveniently located USB-C port on the front spoiler of the mouse allows you to work seamlessly on the fly, even while charging the mouse.