Pulse Volitari - Lunar Shadow

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The Pulse Volitari wireless phone charger features black full-grain leather, finished with equestrian-inspired stitching and a hand-polished chrome-plated solid brass base. Designed for convenience, this multi-device wireless phone charger brings elegance into your home office or bedroom, featuring an overlapped coil design for an expanded charging area.

Designed for convenience

Ensuring longevity and practicality remains a core principle of our brand. We consistently challenge ourselves to find the ideal materials to meet functional requirements while allowing our products to age gracefully.

The Pulse Volitari wireless charger enhances everyday convenience with its effortless drop-and-charge functionality, eliminating the need for precise alignment. Simply drop your device, and rest assured it will seamlessly charge.


The finest full-grain calf is sustainably sourced from a prestigious French tannery with a long heritage in leather production. The leather's natural resilience and durability make it a perfect material for creating objects that are built to last.

Chrome-plated brass

The base is crafted from solid chrome-plated brass. This solid brass base was designed and engineered to dissipate heat generated from the charging process.

Before the plating, every shell undergoes a meticulous hand-polishing process, resulting in a flawless finish and an extended lifespan.

Future-proof design

Built on the foundation of an overlapping 5-coil base, this charger offers expansive and efficient charging areas for a longer product life.

To promote repairability, our wireless charger is designed using traditional nuts and bolds instead of adhesive bindings, enabling full disassembly. This ensures every aspect of the device is accessible for maintenance and reassembly without the shredding of the device.

Eliminating cable chaos

The streamlined design of the Pulse Volitari is vigorously tested and engineered to complement a wide range of Apple and Android phone phones, from the Galaxy S22 Ultra to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, leaving ample space for small gadgets during dual charging.


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Our commitment to design also extends to our packaging. After all, our inner child loves the thrilling experience of opening a gift. A simple, minimal exterior soon gives way to a layered, well-considered interior designed to keep your product well-protected and beautifully presented.

With an environmentally conscious view, we've also chosen to use recyclable materials, opting for soy ink and sugarcane paper over plastic. In addition, we recommend finding alternative uses for the box once your item has pride of place in your preferred space. Its neutral, versatile pattern suits every setting, and our sustainable approach ensures that you can make the most of this eco-friendly packaging.