Podium Pad - Classic Brown

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The Podium Pad brown leather desk pad features a multi-layered construction adorned with the finest French leather for a smooth, refined touch.

Anchored by a supportive microfiber suede base, it reaches a perfect balance between a delicate cushion and a dense base, crafted to seamlessly complement any desk aesthetic.

Blending functionality with luxury, the opulent leather mouse pad was designed for an ultimate home office setup.

a delicate cushion & a dense base

The smooth top layer is fashioned from the finest full-grain calf, creating a flawless surface for the Pointer Instrument to glide. The genuine leather infill serves as a delicate cushion, ensuring long-lasting firmness and an ultimate level of support. The plush microfiber suede base performs as a slip-resistant layer for additional stability.

Lightweight and portable

The Podium Mouse Pad is slim enough to fit inside a notebook case or laptop bag yet provides ample space for the mouse to move freely. 3mm profile ensures a comfortable, wrist-friendly experience, and its travel-friendly design combines lightweight convenience with compatibility for folders.

Plush suede base

The microfiber suede base serves as a resilient non-slip layer and as a dirt and dust shield: the colour and texture make it stress-free to take care of and easy to clean.

Perfect match

The d-shaped Podium Mouse Pad mirrors the Pointer Instrument's form, creating a visually striking addition to any desktop setup. It extends beyond its primary role, transitioning into a versatile podium for your wireless charger, headphones, and other essentials.

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