lifetime repair service

In order to support our brand ethos of making things repairable so they can be truly timeless, we are committed to providing a Lifetime Repair Service for all our devices.

The service includes free repair consultation, followed by professional cleaning, polishing and repair performed by our specialised technicians.

We offer advice on any repairs that may be required, should the unexpected occur, or should you simply desire to rejuvenate your piece. Our team will assist and advise on care, maintenance, and repairs where applicable.

Please remember that following product care instructions and user guidelines is essential always. Some damages, such as misuse, unauthorised modification, or improper care, may not qualify for our repair service. However, we will always try to offer advice.

How does Lifetime Repair Service work?

We normally start with a basic diagnosis of the device via initial inquiries, from which we will provide a preliminary solution, including estimated time and cost. After repair approval is issued and the device is received, we will make a formal evaluation and provide a detailed quote. We will not begin repairs until the costs are approved and payment is processed. When repairs are completed and passed our quality control, we will contact you to make arrangements to ensure a safe return.

Please note that to make the repair service widely available to our customers, the brand only charges a subsidised base cost for the material and labour involved. Therefore, the customer is responsible for the logistics and costs of transporting the product(s) to our studio in London.

Please fill in the contact form below to start a consultation.

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