Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown
Podium Pad - Classic Brown

Podium Pad - Classic Brown

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Harmonious with any desk scenery, the Podium Mouse Pad encompasses various layers of premium materials: full-grain leather surface, genuine leather infill and microfiber suede base.

The minimal form is designed to be modern. Yet, the character of the authentic leather evokes the eternal radiance of the vintage designs.

• Full-grain French calf leather
• 3mm thickness
• Hand-crafted
• Designed for life

Full-grain calf leather
Genuine leather
Microfiber suede

250mm x 210mm x 3mm

110 gr

Harmonious with any desk scenery.

The Podium Mouse Pad combines perfect symmetrical proportions, rich texture and excellent quality, allowing hours of restful performance for enthusiasts of functionality and comfort.

The Podium Mouse Pad creation was inspired by the Pointer Instrument silhouette. Designed to become a perfect match for the mouse, the D-shape mouse pad echoes the shape of the Pointer Instrument, making this set a stunning addition for any desktop. Minimalistic design is created to suit every table, from an artistic studio or home office to a traditional business headquarters.

Lightweight and portable.

The Podium Mouse Pad is hand-crafted from genuine leather, which is known to be incredibly flexible, but at the same time, robust and durable material. Such properties allowed us to create an incredibly portable and lightweight product that is easy to carry with the mouse. The Podium Mouse pad is slim enough to fit inside the notebook case or laptop bag. Nevertheless, its size allows plenty of space for Pointer Instrument to move.

Plush suede base.

To elevate the decorum, we chose neutral-sand and classic-black lining for the suede base. The beige lining matches every shade, enhancing the contrast between gleaming leather and soft suede, while the black lining gratifies the elegance and sophistication of the Podium Mouse Pad. The microfiber suede base serves as a resilient non-slip layer and as a dirt and dust shield: the colour and texture make it stress-free to take care of and easy to clean.

A perfect balance between support and softness.

The smooth and supple top layer is fashioned from the finest full-grain calf, creating a flawless surface for the Pointer Instrument to glide. The premier genuine leather infill serves as a delicate cushion, ensuring long-lasting firmness and an ultimate level of support. The plush microfiber suede base performs as a slip-resistant layer for additional stability and comfort. 3mm thick, the Podium Mouse Pad reaches a perfect balance between a delicate cushion and a dense base, making it well-suited for every user.