Travel Adapter Kit

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The Travel Adapter Kit features a 65W high-speed charger and a set of convertible international plugs for the UK, US, Asia and Europe, allowing convenient charging across the continents.

Lightweight and compact, the global travel adapter will conveniently power all your essential devices: from a phone to a laptop - making it an ultimate voyage companion.

A perfect aid for an adventurous lifestyle

With an abundance of chargers available on the market, the Travel Adapter Kit was intended to simplify the user's charging experience without compromising the function. A practical, suitcase-friendly solution that can charge an entire arsenal of gadgets whenever you travel.

Ultimate compatibility

65W output delivers flawless compatibility and high-speed charging with nearly any device, from the latest iPhone to Type-C laptops.

The Type-C port with 65W output, coupled with the USB-A 45W port, unlocks a fast-charging for your essential tech and devices.

Power everywhere

Roam-free with interchangeable adapter heads for almost anywhere in the world, allowing effortless charging across continents: the British Isles, Europe, Asia, United States and Canada.

Everything conveniently fits into a microfiber suede pouch, making it a lightweight and portable companion for your travels.


The Travel Adapter provides an impeccable power source for all your essentials, including our Wireless Chargers, ensuring optimal charging performance. Its compact design and reliable output make it an indispensable companion for those constantly on the move, seamlessly fusing convenience with efficiency.