Lunar Artefacts | London


Blending the tactile charm of expert craftsmanship with the flair of modern design, we bridge the gap between practicality and visual aesthetics.


In today’s fast-paced world, where disposable culture has become the norm, the true essence of timeless design feels overshadowed. At Lunar Artefacts, we are endorsing a change: a commitment to crafting with intention and celebrating pieces that age gracefully with us.


We reinvent conventional objects and transform them with a touch of permanence by using durable premium materials and expert craftsmanship. The real character emerges over time through its interactions with you. The development of a natural patina marks your own personal journey.


We collaborate with suppliers and artisans across the globe in order to create tools that celebrate innovation, design and sustainability. Every detail, both inside and out, is meticulously considered and impeccably executed, securing the legacy of each piece as it gracefully stands the test of time.

"Visionary, with a dash of heritage."


Our design journey starts with an idea, evolving meticulously through craftsmanship, the selection of materials, and expert finishing. As you explore Lunar Artefacts, you'll discover the seamless fusion of design and practicality, accompanied by our commitment to enduring quality infused into each creation.


Every piece we create starts with a singular vision. From this inspiration, traditional sketches breathe life into our concepts. These ideas transition to tangible forms by a fusion of sculpting and 3D clay models, allowing greater attention to form and function.


Sustainability and timeless quality form the cornerstone of our design ethos. From the richness of full-grain leather to the lustre of select metals and state-of-the-art electrical components, we scour the globe for the finest suppliers. Each artefact's patina, each scuff, narrates a unique story. Our eco-conscious sugarcane paper packaging and soy ink support our sustainability commitment.


Our devotion to design is most evident in the nuanced intricacies of our work. Every design decision, down to the slightest element, combines aesthetic beauty with practical intent. Every screw and every line has a purpose, no more and no less, crafted out of functional requirements and aesthetics.


Recognising that objects naturally age, our creations are designed with repairability at their core, ensuring the longevity of each piece and challenging the usual cycle of consumption that prevails today. In case of natural wear and tear within the piece, the user can easily replace the broken or worn part with a new one supporting long-lasting performance.